Karthik Chidambaram



The Keynote - Industrial Distribution Summit

Karthik’s session was the full throttle start which IDS 2019 needed. He began by saying ‘Vanakkam’, which means ‘Welcome’, in his native language Tamil.

Here’s a glimpse of the Keynote Presentation.

By 2023, B2B eCommerce is foreseen to reach $1.8 trillion, indicating more buyers will opt for online over other mediums. This was supported with a statement by D.G. Macpherson (CEO, Grainger) who predicted 80% of their business would be online by 2022.

Followingly, he shared insights on what B2B customers want, by explaining how low effort experience is the key for B2B customers buying online.

Another important highlight of his speech was, Amazon predicts B2B Sales will reach $25 billion by 2021. That being the fact, can B2B distributors compete with a market giant like Amazon? Yes, they can, because Industrial Distributors are equipped with Product Expertise, as well as Technical Support knowledge, which will come in handy at crucial times.

Before winding up, Karthik reminded us there is a Global Workforce Shortage - how this issue is going to affect businesses and why having a stable online presence is the way to tackle the lack of human resources.

There were lots of learnings and takeaways from what Karthik spoke about. Watch his full informative speech below, to delve upon and dissect the way Industrial Distribution functions.

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