Brady Behrman, Sachin Wadhawan, Spenser Staschiak and Karthik Chidambaram

Panel Discussion on eCommerce Growth Strategy

It is a beautiful sight, when Industry experts who have been in the market providing exemplary services to customers for years sit down together for a thought-provoking panel discussion on eCommerce Growth Strategy.

Karthik Chidambaram, CEO of DCKAP, moderated the panel discussion. The panelists were Brady Behrman, CEO and Founding Partner of PunchOut2Go, Sachin Wadhawan, Director of Technology Partnerships from BigCommerce, and Spenser Staschiak, Sr. Manager of Digital Marketing and Web at The Oneida Group.

The whole discussion was interactive and revolved around questions put forth by Karthik to the panelists, so they can share their thoughts from the broad spectrum of knowledge they have.

‘What can distributors do to handle Amazon,’ was question one to flag off the conversation, which later led to crisp and on-point thoughts to questions like: how is e-commerce helping distributors, how is augmented reality a cutting edge by making brands look good, and what can any B2B distributor or Industrial Distributor do for branding?

Halfway through, the discussion moved on to enlighten the audience on why having PIM in place will ease the functionality of a business. Following that, the panelists shared how they overcame a challenge and charmed the customer.

The discussion concluded with a Q&A session, so the audience could have their concerns cleared. It was inspiring and exciting to see such brilliant minds sitting together and sharing their various perspectives on eCommerce Growth Strategies.

Watch how this informative panel discussion unfurled below.

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