Tamizh Selvan

Director of Marketing, DCKAP

Marketing Insights for Industrial Distributors

No matter how excellent your products are, except you have a precise and distinct marketing strategy in place, the sales you foresee cannot be accomplished. The concourse by Selvan was about emphasizing why marketing is not an option but a priority to Industrial Distributors.

He started his lecture by explaining how only six percent of companies thought their offline and online marketing strategies were effectively integrated, and why a scenario like this does not generate expected outcomes.

Further, he shared how online-offline integration can develop stronger relationships and make your offline events more visible.

Having a website alone does not guarantee conversion. So what does? Marketing is not a one-time pursuit. It needs ceaseless and creative interventions, especially in this era where trends change quickly.

Selvan next took through the audience on how website, SEO, content, email marketing, landing pages, and Google analytics collectively are the significant drivers for online marketing to enhance your sales and boost revenue. He also shared how these fill a prominent place in established brands, and why these should not be in ad hoc.

For every Essential Driver of Online Marketing discussed, Selvan showed the various tools in the market which would help Industrial Distributors observe the results they desire

Everything that has been addressed was glanced upon again for better understanding and takeaways before concluding.

Watch the below talk to comprehend how an able marketing plan in place can transform your company’s fortune.


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