Adam Ellis


Turning Your Field Service Workers Into eCommerce Agents

More manufacturers are transforming service departments from cost centers into new revenue generators. You can see how effective it is for these companies, by donning their employees with multiple hats to drive revenue.

Read on for highlights of the session with Adam Ellis. You can watch the entire episode of his speech right below.

Increasing online revenue via field service is excellent, but there’s a problem. Only a few manufacturers have technology solutions in place to do it efficiently. This comes with a fair share of challenges, which were explained effectively in his speech.

As Adam was speaking about field workers and how they can help bring in profits, everyone was keen on knowing what kind of data access is required to ensure these field teams can help generate revenue in the field.

There are many attributes, like real-time mobile access, eCommerce processing, and more, which is the data needed to keep reps in sync.

Now that Adam has embraced the importance of data for eCommerce-focused field teams, where should Industrial Distributors begin? He took the audience through a medium that can help immensely, and showed how Bezlio has been getting things done faster with a mobile solution in place.

On the whole, the session by Adam shed light and showed a ray of hope to Industrial Distributors in exploring a new avenue. Watch his full speech below to understand why field teams should be empowered and enabled to grow revenue at every customer touchpoint.

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