Sachin Wadhawan

Director, Technology Partnerships BigCommerce

Exceeding B2B Customers eCommerce Needs

Frost & Sullivan provided an even more bullish view that B2B eCommerce will hit $6.6 trillion by 2020. When there is such a widespread market, how do we exceed B2B customers’ eCommerce needs? Sachin's excellent and thoughtful presentation was full of insights that every Industrial Distributor needs to know.

The main highlights of Sachin’s session were:
B2B is changing and now is the time
Why integration so is critical for B2B
The role of mobile in B2B

Watch the video below to decipher all the wisdom he shared on this topic.

He took everyone through what makes B2B buying unique, and how selling online is both less expensive for sellers and more convenient for buyers.

Sachin then shared about the key elements for B2B eCommerce success, insights on eCommerce platform evolution, and how beneficial an open SaaS platform is.

Lastly, he delivered his thoughts on how to embrace B2B mobile commerce, as there are already so many users.

Every manufacturer expects their customers to love what they bought, and Sachin delivered exceptional views on how to give more than what customers expect. Stream his full session below to gain a wonderful experience of learning and takeaways.

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