Praveen Venugopal


Digital Transformation of Distributors

The session by Praveen was on Digital Transformation of Distributors. Every seller wants to embark on a journey of success in the online sphere. But how do we create a name for ourselves, when there are so many others in fray? This is what Praveen’s introspective was about.

He began by putting forth relatable scenarios, to comprehend if Industrial Distributors sitting in the arena also face similar hurdles, like not knowing how to invest in digital, what to do if your online presence does not bring in leads, and more.

After Praveen provided a fair share of understanding in what the situation is, he shared about universal challenges of the distributors.

Moving on, he showed how eCommerce provides solutions by explaining:
The most sought after B2B features
Why low effort experience is needed
Product management must be done

Apart from eCommerce solutions, integration is critical for every business as it helps in omnichannel experience, improves efficiency, maximizes ROI, and much more.

For integration, Cloras is a great option with remarkable features. You can delegate your integration problems and middleware to Cloras, and stay focused on your goals.

Praveen’s session was all about redefining and refining a space for your business in eCommerce and building a roadmap towards Digital Transformation, which every business needs. You can hear it from the man himself by watching his full speech video below.

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